Discover the Secrets to Clear Your Big Blocks and Tap Into Your Higher Self
A Step By Step Course to Learn how to Successfully Navigate Through Our Current Global Consciousness Shift and Come Out Thriving
Do you struggle with blocks in your life?

Obstacles that are in front of you that you can't seem to get past?

Do you want to become a powerful manifestation machine?

An unstoppable force of nature?
The reason why so many of us who have an incredible amount of spiritual knowledge, but just can’t seem to get out of our own way, is because we are not truly looking at ourselves. 

Since everything is connected, every one of our negative thoughts and emotions that are projected out to the outside world, are really only projections of what’s not healed within ourselves 

It’s one big mirror forcing us to look at ourselves, when we are ready?

Well, are you finally ready?
The Awakened & Ready Home Study Course: How To Access and Maintain A 5D Consciousness, 
Helps You Answer ALL These Questions 
(and a whole lot more)
I want you to understand, wherever you are right now is perfectly Ok! 

We are currently going through a massive global consciousness shift; where millions and millions of people all over the world have woken up to the fact that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. 

What's incredible is that more and more people across the globe are waking up every day, sending waves of higher vibrational energy that are rippling out to everyone else, helping to elevate the collective consciousness, raising the vibration of humanity, and the planet.

This is the thing - Even if you are a very conscious person, struggling right now is completely normal because of all the higher energies currently coming in from all around us!

All of our unresolved emotions are coming to the surface to be looked at, processed, then healed…..individually and collectively. 

This is the reason for all the chaos we are seeing right now! 

And the reason why I have created this course - FOR YOU!
We are in Unprecedented Times! 
(and what you do next really matters...)
Learning exactly what this consciousness shift is all about and how to properly navigate through it, is the most important thing we all can do, because it is happening to all of us, right here, and right now. 

You’re here in perfect divine timing to take your spirituality to the next level and the Awakened and Ready Home Study Course will give you the necessary tools for transformation.

My course is designed to help you to systematically clear out your energy field to significantly increase your connection to the higher aspects of your being.
There’s something deep inside each and every one of us, that is much more than our self-imposed limitations. Once we can clear our obstacles, we will become a constant conscious co-creative force with Source energy itself, as this is who we are.
It’s time for all of us to start walking the walk. Like so many others, I have been on my spiritual path for many years, 27 and counting, and have had numerous challenges turning conceptual knowledge into experience. 

After a mid-life crisis and a serious traumatic experience when living in Thailand, I worked very closely with my spiritual mentor who helped me understand that I was extremely disconnected and that I was trapped in ideas of helplessness. 

Only by turning all my negative thoughts and emotions that I was projecting out to the outside world inward and start to look at myself; was I able to find answers, take my power back, and clear out my energy field. That it was 100% up to me to fix my life!

And it’s this inward journey of discovery and healing that has shown me that I’m here to help you connect with your Higher Self and consciously experience the Global Awakening that’s transforming lives across the world.
This is where the Awakened & Ready Home Study Course gives you the step by step process to unlock your full potential!
Here's How Awakened & Ready Helps...
  •  You get immediate access to all the course materials, so you're able to dive right in and start learning and transforming right away! (This is also LIFETIME access, to all course materials! Including updates and additions!)
  •  Every module in the course has been crafted to take you deep, to go in-depth into topics like manifestation, uncovering blocks, removing obstacles, reclaiming your Spiritual Sovereignty, deep intuitive discernment, emotional integration and getting your power back to name a few!
  • Discover what limited number of people know (but will soon realize); we are extensions of Source Energy directly hardwired to Source through our multi-dimensional being. You will learn how to unplug from the matrix control system, able to access and maintain a 5D consciousness.                                                                   
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What You Will Learn... Module 1
Overcome Your Obstacles
In this module you will learn how to overcome your doubts, worry, and fears, clear your clutter, script your ideal future from this day forward, and understand how powerful you really are as a multi-dimensional being. 

This module was designed to help you understand what you really want out of life and figure out for yourself exactly what’s standing in your way. 

Only by seeing your challenges right in front of you are you able to successfully go after them. 
What You Will Learn... Module 2
Manifest Your Goals and Dreams
In this module you will learn how your emotions and thoughts really do create your reality, how to transcend your limiting beliefs, the amazing power of gratitude, and how the quantum field manifests your external surroundings to match your state of being at any given time. 

You will also learn about 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional consciousness, and how at any given moment you are in a balancing act between the 3. 

Finally, you will learn how to access and maintain a 5D consciousness, which is the ascension process. 
What You Will Learn... Module 3
Reclaim Your Spiritual Sovereignty
In the final module, you will learn this process, which is using self-introspection, intuitive discernment, and emotional integration to systematically clear out your energy field by significantly increasing your connection to the higher aspects of your being. 

Since you are a direct extension of Source energy, hardwired to Source through your multi-dimensional being, learning how to come back inside, heal your unresolved emotions, and take back your power by unplugging from the matrix control system is of the utmost importance and the goal of this consciousness shift. 
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Awakened & Ready Masters Training Videos
In over 4 hours of deep, introspective sessions, I've pulled 7 of my top experts from my recent Awakened & Ready Online Event and I'm sharing the interviews JUST FOR YOU to help you on your journey!

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The Awakened & Ready: How To Access and Maintain A 5D Consciousness Home Study Course is Live Now!
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